Located in Bataan, Philippines, this factory is Cotopaxi’s principal pack maker. Known for producing best-in-class technical items, it partners with us in reducing fabric waste through our Del Día products. Here’s how it works: the factory collects the unused material produced by other brands in its facilities, and we turn those scraps into backpacks. Beyond working with us in a win-win effort to advance sustainability, this factory also completed the Higg Index facility module, which means they are committed to fair social labour and environmentally sound practices.

The Higg Index measures everything from water usage to workers’ wages, and facilities who complete the module demonstrate a commitment to operating beyond both compliance and transparency. In addition to our remnant program, Cotopaxi also has a standing relationship with the workers who produce our Del Día products. Every Del Día bag is unique because we leave the colour choices and final creative decisions to our sewers, who we see as integral makers.