Repurposed. Reversible. Purposeful.


When you buy a Teca Cotton Face Mask, you keep unused fabric out of the landfill. You also help us to donate a high-quality face mask to someone in need. If you want one, act fast—they won’t be available for long!

Teca Cotton Face Mask

Color Up. Stand Out.

Not your average face masks. Five different options, 10 different color combinations. Available for a limited time. Made using surplus fabric, these reversible, super comfortable, non-medical grade masks keep perfectly good materials out of the landfill.

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Everyone’s making face masks.
We’re doing it scrappy.

We’ve used repurposed fabric for years. But with the impact of COVID-19, we have more surplus fabric than ever. Our thought? Use this surplus fabric that might otherwise go to waste, and help everyone move forward.

Do Good

Let’s Get Everyone Covered

When you buy a Cotopaxi mask, we’ll give another high-quality mask to someone who needs it through our nonprofit partner, Mercy Corps.


Our face masks are made from 100% tightly woven cotton.


All the colors. Two ways to wear it (make sure you wash between uses). And the best part? You don’t have to go out in public looking like Bane.


A wire nose adjustment helps keep your mask secure and maximizes its effectiveness.


Put a mask on. Adjustable ear loops make it easy—and comfy.


Accordion pleats adjust to fit your face shape, so you won’t feel like ripping your mask off every 10 seconds.

Do Good

Giving is core to the Cotopaxi model. We tie our earnings to impact by allocating 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation, which helps us fight extreme poverty through targeted grants.


What Is the Best Way to Wash My Teca Cotton Face Mask?

Cloth face coverings are an additional step to help slow the spread of COVID-19 when combined with other preventative measures and social distancing. We advise washing cloth face coverings after each use. We recommend following your government’s instructions for washing and drying your mask. Because our masks are 100% cotton, they may become wrinkled after washing, and their pleats may need to be ironed back into place.

What is the Teca Cotton Face Mask’s Fabric Blend?

Our face masks are made from 100% tightly woven cotton.

Is the Teca Cotton Face Mask Medical Grade?

Our face masks are not medical grade. However, they may extend the life of a medical grade mask, and can be worn over most medical grade masks as an additional precautionary measure.

Can I Put a Filter Inside My Teca Cotton Face Mask?

Our face masks are not filter compatible, and are not meant to replace medical grade face masks. That said, cloth face coverings may slow the spread of the virus, and many respected health organizations recommend wearing them in public settings.