1Each Questival challenge is assigned a point value based on how difficult it is to complete. The more challenges you complete, the more points you have. Points are still essential—only the top ten point-scoring teams will have their peer judging scores considered—but this system prevents a bare-minimum attitude and encourages kindness between teams.

2Because we want the Questival to stay fun, creative, and friendly, the winning team is ultimately chosen through peer judging rather than by points alone.

Throughout the race and for 24 hours afterward, all Questival competitors will participate in peer judging.

Within the Questival app, racers will be shown photos and videos submitted by teams ranked in the top 50. You can deem these submissions “good” by swiping left or “llamazing” by swiping right.

Your peer judging score is the percentage of times your peers swiped “llamazing” on your challenges instead of merely “good”. Initially, your peer judging score may fluctuate dramatically, but as you complete more challenges your score will stabilize and change at a much calmer pace.

3As you are judging, keep an eye out for broken rules. If you see anything questionable, flag it. Points will not automatically be deducted, but the challenge will go into a queue to be reviewed by our team after the race ends. Teams with validated flags against them will lose points accordingly.

To avoid flags, follow the rules carefully and review your submitted challenges a few times throughout the race to make sure you uploaded the photo/video to the correct challenge, and that your totem is visible in every photo/video. Also, try to make a good impression on other teams as you encounter them throughout the race—your fate is in their hands.

The following screenshots give an example of what your ranking might look like throughout the race.

Example 1

The race has just started, so judging scores are either very high or very low. You are in the top 10, but at this point that doesn’t mean much.

Example 2

The race is underway. You have dropped out of the top 10, but your challenges are still being judged in case you make it back in.

Example 3

The race has ended, but peer judging is still open and the Cotopaxi team is reviewing flags. Your judging score puts you in 3rd place, but your points are perilously close to the top 10 cut-off.

Example 4

Peer judging is closed and all flags have been reviewed. Your peer judging score is great, but you fell from the top 10 because you forgot your totem in a few posts and tried bending the rules a few times. However, you support the winning team and their amazing deeds and get ready to have fun at the next Questival.