Located in north-eastern China, this factory is one of Cotopaxi’s principal suppliers. An independently owned factory that champions progressive and thoughtful leadership, it produces our jackets and insulation pieces. Beyond developing excellent product using responsibly sourced down (RDS certified), the factory’s owner, George Huan, prioritizes the well-being of his workers through a variety of offerings that are not found among most competitors.

One of the many reasons we’re honoured to partner with George and his team stems from their commitment to addressing the needs of their employees. For example, most factory workers face the hardship of needing to reside near their work at the expense of living with their families. George chose to resolve this issue by providing transportation for all workers to and from the factory. In addition to this internal program, Cotopaxi was also able to work with factory employees to provide an on-site, organic garden to supplement their lunches with additional healthy produce.

The factory’s leadership stand ready and willing to consistently improve the facility’s sustainability and efficiency, which they demonstrated by agreeing to a rigorous third-party audit supported by Cotopaxi that measured the factory against the industry’s highest standard. With the help of Cotopaxi, this factory is now working to make the necessary improvements to meet this highest standard of operation within the next few years.